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we are Max and Olga, we run FIVE Pictures, a Dubai-based video production company.

A Swiss Army Knife Of Content Production

Think of us as a video boutique or, more like a video lab. We research. We innovate. We make sure our videos work.
Unlike traditional productions, we cut as much middle men as possible, covering the entire creative process. We have our own extensive set of filming gear and a beefy postproduction facility. We work with a few select clients at a time, going after quality rather than quantity. We scale up if we need to, having our own network of skilled editors that we work with remotely.

What People Say

My New York-based company has worked with Max on several international documentary film productions in Asia as well as in Europe. Even under challenging circumstances, we could always rely on his professionalism, attention to details and his ability to come up with creative solutions. He has proven to be a wonderful team worker, who never hesitates to "walk the extra mile" for the desired outcome. With his multitude of talents, Max could be a great resource for any creative project.

Krisztina Danka, Ph.D., Executive Director at Karuna Productions

Max is easy to work with and delivers a great product. I like how he is ready to walk the extra mile, being energetic and bringing his creativity to the table. He understands how to communicate a marketing message and has an eye for detail, We've used him for our companies rebranding effort. He is reliable, we worked with him several times and he is our go-to guy for everything video!

Ravi Hinduja, Founder and CEO at Aquaplex FZE and Aquateknik FZE

Maksim has incredible creative talent that he brings in the form of energy and excitement with what he does. We have worked with him several times and each time, the results were even better. If you have a marketing message that you want to convey with video, I recommend you talk to Maksim.

Ahmed Al Akber, CEO at Hello Chef




Years In The Field


International Awards

Featured Brands

Sephora UAE - A Series of Videos for RamadanReady Promo Campaign - FIVE Pictures
Hello Chef - Home Cooking Meal Kit Service Introduction - FIVE Pictures
BFGoodrich UAE - Commercial for RGB Art Productions - FIVE Pictures
ADAC - Training Videos for Midfield Terminal Airport Project (MTB) in Abu Dhabi - FIVE Pictures - The University Show & The School and Nursery Show  Events Promo  video - FIVE Pictures
Badia Farms - The UAE's first urban vertical farm
Servier - An International Pharmaceutical Group
Homes R Us - one-stop store for stylish home concepts in Middle East
Aquaplex FZE - one of the leading distributors of plumbing solution and bathroom fixtures in the GCC region
Carter's UAE - Baby Clothing, Kids Clothes, Toddler Clothes

Our work awards

FIVE Pictures - Maksim Varfolomeev Film Festival Awards

Meet the team

Maksim Varfolomeev, founder, director, award-winning filmmaker, producer, DP, editor, designer, researcher

Max Varfolomeev

founder, director, award-winning filmmaker

Maksim Varfolomeev (1974, Russia) has been in the filmmaking/advertisement field since 1993, starting on TV as an editor. In 1998 he switched to commercials. After 6 years in advertisement in 2003 he shifted to Almaty, Kazakhstan, founded a production company and filmed a Self-realization (Samoosoznaniye) TV series running on Kazakhstan TV for three seasons. In 2005 he joined an international advocacy campaign for human rights in Kazakhstan as a director of communications and PR. In 2009 he returned to filmmaking and moved to India where he founded Vrindavan Experience production company and a web community with the same name, while simultaneously studying Vedic philosophy and culture. He filmed and produced Glimpses of Vraja (2011, Vrindavan, India), Never Stop Chanting (2014, Dubai), Reconnection (2015, Vrindavan, India), and in 2016 ran a successful crowdfunding and SM campaign for a free release of the film. In 2017 he moved to Dubai, where he founded FIVE Pictures, a brand storytelling, advertisement and film production studio.

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Olga Avramenko, editor, screenwriter, SMM

Olga Avramenko

editor, screenwriter, social media director

Olga Avramenko (1974, Russia) has been working in publishing and major national newspapers as an editor and journalist since 1996. In 2003 she shifted to Almaty, Kazakhstan and joined an eco-project, studying Ayurveda and well-being. In 2003-2004 she co-ran Self-realization (Samoosoznaniye) TV series, aired on Kazakhstan TV for three seasons. In 2005 she joined an international advocacy campaign for human rights in Kazakhstan as a communications assistant director. In 2009 she moved to India and was a part of Vrindavan Experience production as a producer and editor. In 2011 she started a Facebook page with the same name, and as a social media director and SMM manager, she has grown it to a 85K audience. She edited and produced Glimpses of Vraja (2011, Vrindavan, India), co-wrote and co-produced Never Stop Chanting (2014, Dubai) and Reconnection (2015, Vrindavan, India), and in 2016 ran a successful crowdfunding and SM campaign for a free release of the film. In 2017 she moved to Dubai and joined FIVE Pictures, a brand storytelling, advertisement and film production studio.

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Fyodor Samsonov, director, dp, photographer, motion graphics

Fyodor Samsonov

Regional Director, Russia

Fyodor Samsonov (1973, Russia), graduated Omsk State Technical University as Bachelor of Engineering and has been working on TV since 1994. From 1999 he directs ‘Studio Five’ production studio. Throughout his 21 year career he has produced thousands of commercials and films. He specializes in 3D, 2D motion design, animation, photography, commercials, short and corporate films.

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Maksim Ryabikov, musician, composer, producer

Maksim Ryabikov

musician, composer, producer

Maksim Ryabikov (1974, Russia), a musician, composer and lyricist, has been in the music scene since the 90s. In 2011 he founded ‘Groggy’ music band, has been an active member of the group and performed in different music projects, touring Russia and Europe and recording albums. He works at ‘Studio Five’ since 2002. He specializes in composing the original score for commercials and corporate films, writes, arranges and produces songs. He also edits corporate films, music clips and wedding videos and has experience in producing infographics and motion design ads, having many projects of different complexity under his belt.

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