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Olga Avramenko, screenwriter, editor

Olga Avramenko

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Olga Avramenko (IMDb) , Date of Birth: March 1, 1974


Bachelor of Arts – BA at Omsk State University
1991-1996 Diploma in Philology and Media Communications

  • FIVE Pictures, ‘Vrindavan Experience’ production company, Vrindavan, India – Dubai, UAE. April 2009 till now.
    Position: Producer, Writer, Photographer, Editor, SMM manager.
    Duties: full cycle film production.
  • ‘Show Reconnection around the World’ successful crowdfunding campaign.
    May 2016 – August 2017.
    Position: campaign manager, SMM, content editor and copyrighter, SMM analyst.
    ‘Show Reconnection around the World’ is a tailor-made direct-to-the-audience distribution and promotion campaign aimed at covering the “Reconnection” production expenses while simultaneously bringing attention to the film and eventually releasing it online for free. The process included building a proprietary crowdfunding website for the film, generating and posting the content related to the film on social media and reaching out to the film potential audience and supporters.
  • Reconnection’ short film, India.
    May 2011 – April 2015.
    Position: Co-writer, Editor, Photographer.
    “Reconnection”, a coming of age story set against the backdrop of Vrindavan, is a film about sacred Indian town of 5000 temples, that has won 15 awards and has been screened at 25 International film festivals.
  • Never Stop Chanting‘, a short documentary, Dubai.
    May – July 2014.
    Position: Writer, Editor.
    “Never Stop Chanting” is a 5 min documentary, that tells about “Awakening the Soul”, a chanting and meditation event, lead by BB Govinda Swami, that later has been used to promote a series of kirtan events around the world.
  • Glimpses of Vraja‘, a DVD series, India.
    August 2010 – January 2011.
    Position: Producer, Photographer, Editor.
    ‘Glimpses of Vraja’, a DVD series of a non-narrative mood videos featuring different places and seasons of Vrindavan, a Hindu holy place in India.
  • Vrindavan Experience, a Facebook page and an international community of 85K followers.
    2009 – till now.
    Position: SMM, Content strategist, copyrighter, photographer.
    Originally started as a website, Vrindavan Experience has been created to bring attention to Vrindavan as a unique place, Indian spiritual hub, a phenomena and an experience of one’s transformation. Building the audience organically through original content, the community now has expanded it’s presence to Instagram with 20K followers.
  • Human Rights Advocacy Campaign, Almaty, Kazakhstan
    March 2005 – January 2009.
    Position: Assistant of Director of Communications and PR, Communication coordinator.
    Networking and lobbying for human rights with the embassies of major states, PR work with international news agencies and human rights organizations such as OSCE, Helsinki Committee, Freedom House, the international campaign included supporting protests at Kazakh embassies around the world and international advocacy tour with meetings at Euro Parliament in Brussels, US Congress and CSCE in Washington, House of Commons in London, OSCE meetings in Warsaw, Almaty and Astana.
  • ‘Self-realization’ (‘Samoosoznaniye’), Almaty, Kazakhstan.
    June 2003 – February 2005.
    Position: Assistant of Director, Editor.
    Managed the production of Self-realization, a TV series aired in prime-time on Almaty TV. The series offers a philosophical take on vedic culture and includes total of 35 half an hour long issues. The series has been widely distributed in the former CIS area on DVDs and are available online on a number of Russian media streaming outlets.
  • SPA-center ‘Ayurveda’
    October 2002 – May 2003.
    Panchakarma technician.
  • ‘Novoye Omskoye Slovo’/ NOS, Omsk, Russia.
    March 1998 – September 2002.
    Omsk branch of the Russian publishing house ‘Province”, the weekly newspaper ‘NOS’ was a turn-key periodical with local and international political, economical and sports news, reports and social life.
    Position: reporter, managing editor.
  • ‘Car Market’, the magazine, Omsk, Russia.
    October 1996 – January 1998.
    ‘Car Market’ magazine was a biggest commercial media about local car market in Omsk with a few supplements. I was worked as an editor-in-chief of one of a supplement named “Big Magazine” with the news of local life.
    Position: Editor-in-chief.
  • Photography
  • Screenwriting
  • Editing
  • Writting
  • SMM, Facebook, Instagram targeting & promotion
  • Logistics
  • Strong Survival skill set (13 years of mountain trekking)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Abode Premier
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Russian: native
  • English: intermediate
  • Photography
  • Mountain trekking
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Social media
  • Yoga
  • Ayurveda
  • Cooking

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