Dinesh Goswami Plays Flute at Radha Raman temple, a still from a multi-award winning 'Reconnection' film.

Flute Playing Arati Inspires Scene in Reconnection

Flute Playing Arati Inspires Scene in Reconnection

Every night Vaishnavacharya Dinesh Chandra Goswami plays bamboo flute at Radha Raman temple. Few years ago while in Vrindavan filming ‘Reconnection’ we also captured him playing a lullaby melody for Radha Raman Lal, a main Deity of the temple.
Yesterday Govinda Swami recorded Goswami ji playing flute and it was the same melody we filmed back then! Radha Raman goes to bed for the same tune for many years.

Here is what Govinda Swami writes about the atmosphere of the evening he recorded:

Radharaman’s last darshan is about 21:30. Local young Brajavasi’s, dressed in jeans, shorts, and tee shirts lead the most wonderful, deep, classical joyful, inspirational bhajans you’ve ever heard.

Darshan closes and about 15 minutes later there is the Shayan Arati.

Only around 20 devotees wait that late, the temple becomes absolutely silent, lights are turned off, and a wonderful Goswami plays the the most beautiful flute to lull Radharamanji into sleep.BB Govinda Swami

Listen to the sounds and atmosphere of the temple:

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