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About The Film

The Story Behind The Making Of ‘Reconnection’
  • I’m from Siberia, Russia, a place where you get snow for six months of the year. Yet it’s 110F (43°C) outside of my window. It’s my 7th year in India and the only reason I am here is Reconnection.
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  • More than 10 years ago my wife and myself found ourselves in Vrindavan for the first time. Vrindavan is a small town in India that changes people’s hearts with its unique atmosphere. Back then something happened to our hearts and minds, something indescribable, just like it still does to the many people who visit Vrindavan. 

    We were being told stories about this place that has powerful, almost a mystical potency to it. It’s a small, dusty Indian town that receives over five million visitors a year, a lot of them westerners.

  • People go to Vrindavan and their lives change. Different people from various backgrounds, the same conclusion every time – their lives changing for the better. Something special was there for sure.

    We decided we want to make a film about it. We felt it was more about the experiences that you have whilst being in Vrindavan than the actual location and place. We decided that our film would be a story, a story based upon characters, feelings and real experiences rather than a matter-of-fact documentary.

    • People go to Vrindavan and their lives change.
  • It was important for us to show that sometimes by losing your conventional self you end up in finding your true self. People have very few chances in life to do something worthwhile and we saw that chance.

    Our ‘chance’, our journey has taken us six years. It grew from a simple idea to the final result that you see. The reviews and the reactions of film festivals show us that we have made the right decision. Now it’s important to us that as many people as possible see it. 

    • Reconnection is a film about two worlds.
  • Reconnection is a coming of age story that emerged from hundreds of others – a story in which people recognize themselves or the situation they were in. The film portrays that the problems we have today can’t be solved with the same thinking we used when we once created them. In order to change something in life you need to step out of the comfort zone, take a leap into the unknown.

    It is a film about two worlds. A world of living behind a polite smile, where glances briefly meet only to get back to phone screens and a phrase “what’s up?” – this doesn’t really need an answer. And then it’s about another world that only lets you in if you get out of your bubble, out of your sterile and sanitized life to a reality and eventually to your true self.

  • We started filming it and soon realized that it was not going to be easy. It was like the place was not letting us in. We had to stay in Vrindavan, submerge and absorb ourselves into local life. It was the only way to make it happen.
  • Little did we know what it would be like to have a studio in a town where power outages happen every day. We experienced dust storms, open sewers, animals on streets, health issues and the list could go on! We had 3-4 minutes on set before the locals came to watch which made filming impossible. What to speak of a language barrier and a different, very different world that we got ourselves in.
    • We experienced dust storms, open sewers, animals on streets, health issues and the list could go on!
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  • People can change you, places can change you, some places you search out to find, others have a way of finding you.

    The film is complete now and we have had our life changing experience too. This place is so far off from our reality yet it has the best way to connect us back to ourselves. Now we want to share it with others because Vrindavan has something that we all lack.

'Reconnection' film Director

Maksim Varfolomeev

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Founder of FIVE Pictures, a multi-skilled director, editor and video content producer with a background in advertisement and cross-field in system engineering/analytics. Has worked on TV show, documentaries, shot a number of commercials, won 14 international awards. He has 20+ years of experience in marketing, production, editing and postproduction. View Profile.

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