'Reconnection' is a coming of age story of one westerner's journey to a sacred Indian town of Vrindavan. Available online for free after a successful crowdfunding campaign, this feature film has won 15 awards and has been screened at 25 International film festivals.


Reconnection (2015)

Reconnection is a multi-award winning narrative film by Maksim Varfolomeev and Olga Avramenko. An internet person, Sean Fletcher tries to run from a broken relationship by taking a trip to Himalayas, but finds himself stuck in a small Indian town that turns out to be an unusual place.

Sean Fletcher is a successful web designer, more capable with the Internet than his personal life. Unable to deal with his recent break up, Sean tries to run away from it all by taking a trip to the Himalayas but finds himself stuck on the way in a small Indian town. Things get complicated when he gets a work offer at home only to realize he can’t make it back in time to take it. While Sean figures out his priorities between career and relationships, he finds that he is stuck in a very unusual place, which takes him on a heart changing journey.

Reconnection is a film about uncovering the masks. It’s about two worlds. A world of living behind a polite smile, where glances briefly meet only to get back to phone screens and a phrase “what’s up?” – this doesn’t really need an answer. And then it’s about another world that only lets you in if you get out of your bubble, out of your sterile and sanitized life to a reality and eventually to your true self.

Reconnection is one of the first projects powered by FIVE Pictures. Spanning across a few years time, the project involved a wide spectrum of expertise from the creative team behind it.

Work Scope:
  • Original script development
  • Fundraising
  • Casting
  • Location-based and on-set filming
  • Editing
  • Rotoscoping and VFX
  • Color grading
  • Sound design, ADR, Foley, Score, 5.1 and Stereo Mix Delivery
  • Packaging for Distribution: digital deliverables, poster and press-kit artwork design
  • Film website design
  • Social media promo campaign
  • Self-distribution

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