Unbox Mealtime with Hello Chef - Home-Cooking Meal Kit Service Promo campaign

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For us, as marketers and video producers, it's always a joy to see our clients succeed. To us at FIVE Pictures one such story is a road to success of Hello Chef, a long-term client of ours.

Launched as a new service concept for the UAE region, Hello Chef is a service that simplifies cooking by delivering fresh pre-portioned ingredients and delicious recipes that one can cook in around 30 minutes. For the UAE, with its mostly foreign expat population, office working and living off home delivery and street food, it was still a new concept. Despite Blue Apron and Hello Fresh-alike services being well-known abroad, UAE market had a gap yet to be filled. That's when Hello Chef started on its mission.

It's been a privilege to work with their team from the early days, back then a humble family business of just two entrepreneurs and a handful of employees, though already busy with work and not shy of great plans for the road ahead. In a span of a few years we witnessed them grow to become one of a major players in the UAE food delivery market. It is safe to say that throughout these years our relations became something more than one of a client - marketing service. Together going through tough times, giving each other room for experiment and failure, we became part of their story as they became part of ours. I guess it's this trust we built with each other through the years, and a humble contribution we had a chance to make towards their success, that makes us as a marketing and video production company proud today.

Recently Hello Chef has been named by LinkedIn among top 10 UAE startups of 2021. To us at FIVE Pictures the success of our clients is the indicator that we do our job the right way :)

The video below is a part of Unbox mealtime campaign for Hello Chef. Its idea is to present a solution to the challenges and situations that customers find themselves facing when it comes to home cooking. "Unbox mealtime" has a double meaning - one is to literally unbox the box and the other meaning is to "solve", and "unbound" home cooking experience.

Learn more about Hello Chef service from this explainer video we also made for this company: