This video is a part of Unbox mealtime campaign for Hello Chef, presenting a home-cooking meal kit service to the UAE customers. The idea is to present a solution to the challenges and situations that customers find themselves facing when it comes to home cooking. "Unbox mealtime" has a double meaning - one is to literally unbox the box and the other meaning is to "solve", and "unbound" home cooking experience. Meal kit companies generally don’t do a great job at differentiating themselves or clearly communicating their USPs, this is mainly seen in their communication and copywriting, therefore it is crucial to use fresh terminology and a clearly defined offering. The idea of this campaign is to come up with an easy and relatable phrase "unbox mealtime" and unfold the meaning behind it.
Script, direction: AHAP creative house, Dubai
Production: Maksim Varfolomeev, Olga Avramenko | FIVE Pictures.

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Work Scope

  • Preproduction concept planning
  • On-location filming
  • Editing
  • Basic motion graphics
  • Color grading
  • Sound design
  • Short/Social media version adaptations
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