Social Videos

Created remotely. Risk-free, cost-effective.

The idea is simple. We make your regular engaging video content remotely. You save time and money.

  • If it can be done remotely,
  • we'll do it for you from A to Z. It would cost you less than a staff videographer. And will save you a lot of time.

  • If it can't,
  • we'll guide your team on how to film it. Then we edit it for you, spicing it up with titles and sound bites. It would still cost you less and would make your social videos look more professional.
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    Sometimes it's more about consistency than creativity.

    Cooking recipes, how-to or did-you-know videos are a very effective form of social content that keeps your audience engaged. There is only one issue with these videos - you've got to keep 'em coming. Regularly.

    We can help you to go from a video every other week to a video a day. Your audience engagement would grow, while your marketing team won't get swamped with the routine, rather concentrating on a strategy.


    Remote. Reliable. Scalable. This is our three-word formula when it comes to making volumes of social media content.

    Think of us as your social video production farm. We've made numerous social videos, so we know how to produce it fast and do it reliably. Our team is distributed and our workflow optimized, which means we can offer a more competitive pricing.

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    Types of Videos

    that we can make for your social media remotely
    To give you an idea, here is the list of most common types of engaging social videos that we produce. Your video can be unique, so we do not limit ourselves to these types:
  • Tutorial video
  • Cooking recipe video
  • How-to video
  • Step-by-step video
  • Informational video
  • 'Did you know' video
  • 'Fan facts' video
  • 'How does it work' video
  • Announcement video
  • Reveal video
  • Listicles video
  • 'Best 10' video
  • Behind-the-scenes video
  • Interview Q&A video
  • Giveaway video
  • Contest video
  • vLog video
  • Webinar video
  • User-generated content
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    Our Process



    Get the Info

    We recommend to start from an online meetup. Lets talk. That's when we collect as much information as possible from you:
  • A script/structure, if you have one
  • A link or a reference to a similar work or style
  • Facts, talking points, any materials, b-roll etc..
  • 2.


    Structure It

    We create a structure / script. Or, if you have one already, a shot by shot breakdown. This is a 'what is shown where' list, a roadmap of sorts. We run it by you. This is when both you and us understand the amount of work and get the idea of what a final product would look like. At this point we agree on the final budget.



    Script It

    We create a spoken script. Or, if you have one already, finalize it. That is, if a social video is based on a VO narration. There are types of social videos that do not have a voiceover.



    Make It

    With everything ready and agreed upon, our team sets to work. At the same time we record the narration. Then we edit together the final video and present you the watermarked version.




    If everything is ok, you make a payment and we deliver you the watermark-free final video. If something needs to be addressed, we do a revision. If it is not the first video we've done for you, generally you'd be pretty confident with what we've done, letting us repeat the process on our own. We'd only ask you to QC each new one.

    Get In Touch

    Text us on WhatsApp. We generally reply within an hour.
    9am - 9pm (UTC+04:00)
    Send us a mail. And yes, we do reply those :)