'Show Reconnection to the World' campaign: 100% success, Online Premiere is coming soon!

Reconnection campaign: 100% Success!

Ta-daa, it happened! The Reconnection campaign has crossed the finishing line with 100% success. And it means the online premiere is coming soon!

Thank you everyone, who believed in us and has helped us! It would not be possible without you. Your support is the service you rendered to Vrindavan, because it brings the film in front of the eyes of many.

And thank you to those who did not believe also. Your doubts assured us that we were doing something innovative, exciting and yes, a bit risky :) We were worried too, because our crowdfunding was not a usual one, when funds are being raised to execute an idea. Instead it represents a new trend in film distribution, when supporters cover the finished film cost, making it available to everyone online for free. And that is what we thank each and every one of our 506 sponsors. Thank you very much, dear friends!

We plan to make Reconnection available on several platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Amazon and Vimeo with subtitles in English, Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Chinese. Stay tuned for the online premiere announce! Subscribe now if you do not want to miss it and receive the news first.

And you want to become a part of it, the campaign is still active:

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