Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Statement

FIVE Pictures is committed to keeping your personal information safe. We collect only essential and inevitable information to fulfill your order. We never share any of your information with any individual outside our company in any way until you agree to permit us for doing so.

Collection of Information

We collect your information via Email, Phone, WhatsApp or other messengers we use to communicate with you, and also via Get In Touch, Rates and Contribute pages. This information is protected as per privacy policy set by FIVE Pictures. Your information is never disclosed, shared or sold to any third party services.

When you contact us with work order, we require information about your name, company name, billing address, email address, phone, some of which is optional. Along with this, we need a creative brief in order to start working on your order.

Technical information which is collected and recorded includes your IP address, browser version, operating system, date and time of our site visit. Google Analytics or some similar tool or service is also used for collecting this data.

Usage of Collected Information

The information we collect helps us to better understand the type of work you need us to do. Billing information is required for payment processing.

The email address, phone number and/or messenger nick name are used for communication purposes when you inquire about our rates, when we work on your order or when you make a payment. We may send sms & emails of update of our promotional offers, launch of a new service or project. Carrier Charges may apply based on your network.

This information also helps us to keep statistics of our services and projects and improve our marketing strategies.

Privacy of Payments

We offer multiple payment options. The payment processors or payment gateways we use, as well as our site, utilize Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and other industry proven data security practices. You can ensure the SSL protocol is in place by checking the padlock icon in “https://” of the address bar of your browser. We do not have access to or retain any sensitive information of your payment methods like credit card validation data or PayPal passwords. The payment information you put in is used solely by the respected payment processor or gateway.


We use your personal information for communication purposes while fulfilling your order and for payment processing purposes. Your entire information like your name, billing address, e-mail, telephone number, etc. is treated as confidential. The record of it is being stored at a secure location, accessible only by our company designated members. We make sure that this information stays safe and unaccessible by any other party. We assure that your personal information shall never be released to any third party in any circumstances until you allow it or until we are forced to do so by the law.


FIVE Pictures may amend its privacy policy to address security concerns or if deemed necessary for other reasons.

Conditions of Information Disclosure

It is our priority to not disclose your personal information. However, the information disclosure can only take place if we are to abide by the law for judicial proceeding, court order or any other legal procedure.

Contact Us

If you have any confusion or concerns regarding our privacy policies, please feel free to contact us via our Get in Touch page.