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We are Max and Olga, we run FIVE Pictures, your Swiss army knife of video content production. We produce marketing video, regular video content for your channel or social media, commercials, editorials, micro documentaries, short films and training videos.We do it from the first concept to the final cut.
What makes us distinct? Two things: wide expertise and low risks.
Brand Storytelling
Today’s content creation is about storytelling. It’s about wrapping your message into emotion that resonates with your audience. In most branded content so far, the agencies have been trying to please the brand, and that’s all. Now, the bar is higher. It also needs to be a good investment of time for the audience. The bait has to taste good for the fish, not the fisherman, as they say.
What would be the core story that your audience would love and share? How can you wrap your brand message into this story? That’s what we do, and that’s where we start our work with you.

Low Overheads
Max: You don’t need a six-figure PR budget to make your business stand out. It helps if you have it. But as independent filmmaker and a lucky one to score 14 international awards, I know that bigger is not always better.
Through my 25 years in this field I worked with big agencies and with small agile studios. If I were a startup or a growing business, I would go with the second.
Flexibility and low overheads.
With your typical agency you pay premium for the name, office rent and a hierarchy of managers and supplies. And you end up with a structure that operates by the book and is too massive and too rigid to be able to adapt fast.

We offer an alternative to that, a small and agile team of creatives.

Olga: As an indie filmmaker, you know how to tell a story in a most efficient way. You wear many hats, so you know what's possible, how it can be done, and can do it yourself in a pinch. We know the inside-outs of social media, and with a background in advertisement, we know what works and what doesn’t. It helps to make creative choices fast and avoid big overheads.

We had won awards ourselves and helped companies to win theirs. We help businesses to get noticed and fellow filmmakers to get their projects off the ground. In the end of the day it boils down to just two things. Having a great idea and knowing how to get it done.

You’ve got to stand out. Do you want your PR budget to work to its full potential? Let’s discuss what you need, figure what can be done and roll up sleeves to get you there. Deal?