A Visit to a Widow’s Ashram

One of the main reasons for my visit to India this year was to partake in a charitable project called Brajcare . I was part of a group consisting of over 25 people from Canada, Israel, Germany, Russia, Bosnia, Austria, Croatia, UK and of course India. One major mission of the charity is to give medical, nutritional and financial aid to the widows and sadhus (people whose lives are dedicated to the service of God and humanity) living in Braj; as well as improving their living conditions. I feel so privileged and fortunate to have been given this wonderful opportunity to engage my photography in the service of this charity, by documenting the amazing work that they do.

We visited an ashram (spiritual commune) of widows, where we took medical supplies, rice and grain. We spent time with them, listened to their wisdom and became humbled by their simplicity and courage. They all were so grateful and loving towards us being there. I will never forget some of their smiles and tears.

original article by soulphotography.uk.com