Maksim Varfolomeev, the director of 'Reconnection'

Maksim Varfolomeev

‘Reconnection’ film director

Maksim Varfolomeev (1974, Omsk, Russia) has been working on TV as an editor since 1993. In 1998 he switched to commercials. After 6 years in advertisement in 2003 he shifted to Almaty, Kazakhstan, founded a production company and filmed a Self-realization (Samoosoznaniye) TV series running on Kazakhstan TV for three seasons. In 2005 he joined an international advocacy campaign for human rights in Kazakhstan as a director of communications and PR. In 2009 he returned to filmmaking and shifted to India where he founded Vrindavan Experience production company and a web community with the same name, filmed and produced Glimpses of Vraja (2011, Vrindavan, India), Never Stop Chanting (2014, Dubai) and Reconnection (2015, Vrindavan, India) while simultaneously studying Indian philosophy and culture.
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