Budget Summary

Reconnection film Budget Summary

Reconnection is an independent micro-budget production by Maksim Varfolomeev and Olga Avramenko. Below you can find a budget summary of the project.

Category Description
Amount, USD
Writers/Director 2,000 *1
Cast 3,700
Extras 6,500
Camera/Sound equipment 7,300
Aerial photography 4,800
Crew 3,300 *1
Catering 9,200
Transportation 8,500
Lodging 9,600
Location/Logistics 2,300
Insurance 1,200
Editing 7,800 *2
Sound design / Sound Mix 6,200 *2
Music rights 2,100
Stock footage 1,800
Color Grading 6,900 *2
Distribution delivery 1,500
Film Festival Submissions 1,700
Festival Travalling/Lodging 800
Paid posts/articles 1,400
TOTAL 88,600

Shooting/production schedule of the film:

  • On-location photography: 1.5 years
  • Principal photography: 40 days
  • Additional photography: 20 days
  • Post-production: 2 years

Reconnection shooting locations:

  • India: Vrindavan, Javat, Ter Kadamba, Barsana, Radha Kund, Surya Kund, Uccagaon, Jet, Mathura, Delhi, Gangotri, Gomukh
  • Nepal: Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath Temple and Shree Karmaraja Maha Vihar
  • UAE: Dubai

Writers/Director and Crew worked for a nominal fee.
1) Writers/Director and Crew received a symbolic one-time reward and worked for a nominal fee.
2) All postproduction was done in-house by Reconnection team. Cost shown is an equivalent of man-hours that went into completion of that particular stage of work, at a nominal rate.